Secondary medical indications include sleep disorder; vivid dreaming; throbbing or burning serious pain with each other sides out of bust; black urination; irregularity

Secondary medical indications include tingling inside the extremities; restricted ligament independence; lusterless fingernails; looking forward disposition and you may spirits episodes; wet cheeks; black urination; constipation; low grade fever; restlessness and you can insomnia; tidal temperature feelings; nights sweats. The tongue normally gifts that have inflammation and you can almost no covering; the brand new heartbeat are wiry and you can fine, or wiry, good, and you will quick.

Affiliate Vegetation: peony (baishao ), lycium good fresh fruit (gouqizi ), ligustrum (nuzhenzi ), gelatin (ejiao ), tang-kuei (danggui ), rehmannia (dihuang ), cornus (shanzhuyu ), ho-shou-wu (heshouwu ), turtle cover (biejia ), zizyphus (suanzaoren ), biota (baiziren ).

The liver Flame Blazing ( gan huo shang yan ): number 1 periods are aches and you can distention on lead; dizziness; ringing ears or sudden deafness; red face; yellow, swollen, and painful sight; dry and you will bitter experience about mouth; noted impatience and you can habit of place fits away from anger. The fresh new tongue generally speaking gift ideas with a red body and a red coating; the new pulse is generally wiry and you will rapid.

Liver YIN Deficiency ( gan yin xu ): number one attacks is actually dizziness; blurred vision; inactive eyes; humdrum intercostal problems; lifeless mouth and you may mouth; temperature sensations from inside the arms and you may bottoms

Member Flowers: gentiana (longdancao ), prunella (xiakucao ), gardenia (zhizi ), chrysanthemum (juhua ), aloe vera (luhui ), antelope horn (lingyangjiao ), bupleurum (chaihu ), ch’ing-hao (qinghao ), moutan (mudanpi ), eriocaulum (gujingcao ), celosia (qingxiangzi ).

Member Formulas: Gentiana Combination ( Longdan Xiegan Tang ); Tang-kuei and Aloe vera Tablet (Danggui Luhui Wan ); Provide this new Green Tablet ( Xieqing Wan ).

User Formulas: Tang-kuei Five Combination ( Siwu Tang ); Tonify liver Decoction ( Bugan Tang ); Connecting Decoction ( Yiguan Jian ) minus melia (chuanlianzi ) also peony (baishao )

Edgy UPFLARING Out-of The liver YANG ( gan yang shang kang ): no. 1 periods try dizziness; distention and aches on direct; ringing in the ears; inflammation and heat feelings on the face and you will upper section of the body. Additional symptoms include sleeplessness; vivid thinking; impatience; resentful disposition; heavier head and you may „light legs“ (easily stumbles); poor and you may sore lower back and legs; deceased mouth area and you will throat. The language is usually yellow; the brand new pulse are wiry and you may powerful, or wiry, great, and rapid.

Member Flowers: uncaria (gouteng ), haliotis (shijueming ), dragon bones (longgu ), oyster-shell (muli ), gastrodia (tianma ), tribulus (baijili ), silkworm (jiangchan ), peony (baishao ), tortoise-shell (guiban ), turtle shell (biejia ), rehmannia (dihuang ).

The liver Wind STIRRING Inside ( gan feng nei dong ): priping; seizures; trembling; shaking; dizziness; and you will numbness. These kinds is commonly divided into about three subcategories:

  1. Significant Heat Creating Piece of cake ( re ji sheng feng ): number 1 episodes is actually high temperature, restlessness, thirst, sweaty deal with, red sight, seizures otherwise cramping. Additional medical indications include black urination; constipation; upwardly became attention; unconsciousness; delirious talk. The fresh new tongue typically merchandise having a yellow looks and you will a reddish coating; the fresh heart circulation are wiry and you will rapid. Member Plants: rhino horn (xijiao ), antelope horn (lingyangjiao ), ox gallstone (niuhuang ), uncaria (gouteng ), gastrodia (tianma ), anemarrhena (zhimu ), raw rehmannia (sheng dihuang ), chrysanthemum (juhua ), scute (huangqin ). Associate Formulas: Antelope and you may Uncaria Decoction ( Lingyang Gouteng Tang ); Ox Gallstone Pacify the newest Castle Tablet; Bezoar and you may Curcuma Algorithm (Angong Niuhuang Wan ).
  2. Hyperactive The liver Yang Creating Piece of cake ( gan yang hua feng ): priping; seizures; numbness in the extremities; paralysis (especially of the hemiplegic style of); slurred message; lips and eyes supposed out over you to definitely top. Second symptoms include sudden loss of understanding otherwise honestly affected mental faculties; splitting horror; significant faintness; exhaustion or serious pain into the spine and mature dating-bureaublad hips; dry mouth; sweaty deal with. The newest tongue is usually scarlet; the newest heart circulation are wiry. Affiliate Flowers: uncaria (gouteng ), gastrodia (tianma ), achyranthes (niuxi ), hematite (daizheshi), silkworm (jiangchan ), cicada (chantui), centipede (wugong), peony (baishao ), rhino horn (xijiao ), ox gallstone (niuhuang ), antelope horn (lingyangjiao ). User Formulas: Sedate liver and you will Extinguish the brand new Breeze Decoction ( Zhengan Xifeng Tang ); Downward Energy Decoction ( Jianling Tang ).